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STOP IRAN NOW Via Israel National News

October 24, 2023

On Tuesday, at a meeting of the Knesset Israel Victory Caucus (KIVC), Vahid Beheshti became the first ever Iranian opposition leader to address the Knesset, as Ministers, Members of Knesset, security, diplomatic and political leaders presented “day after” plans and spoke about how to turn a victory on the battlefield into something more permanent.

“Soon you will have to deal with the elephant in the room, which is the Iranian government, and you should not be afraid of attacking Iranian bases in Iran. This is the only language they understand,” said Beheshti, an Iranian opposition figure based in London who rose to prominence after completing a 72-day hunger strike followed by a sit-in last month, calling on the British government to proscribe Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terror organization.

“The good news is that you have an army of 80 million Iranians who are thirsty for freedom and democracy, who since 2009 have been trying to overthrow the government but have not yet succeeded, because of the barbaric violence of the Iranian regime. If you support the Iranian people, you will see how they will lower the head of the octopus and we will all experience peace,” he said.

“The Iranian government is at its greatest weakness in 44 years. They were aware of the attack on the 7th of October in advance, they thought that after the terrible attack they would achieve a total ceasefire within two months, but it did not happen. Help us overthrow the government, try to imagine what the Middle East would look like without the Iranian government, just imagine," added Beheshti.

Minister of Intelligence Gila Gamliel presented the main points of her plan for the voluntary resettlement of residents of the Gaza Strip, which she is presenting to the government.

“The mobilization of the international community is required to create a pool of countries that will take in refugees while receiving an aid package for them,” Minister Gamliel said. “With proper diplomatic work, the international system can be harnessed for this. The implementation of an outline of voluntary humanitarian resettlement will allow Gaza refugees who wish to have the opportunity to rebuild their lives, without the tyranny and oppression of Hamas-ISIS, to be able to do so.”

The former head of the Knesset's Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, Zvika Hauser, presented his plan with three conditions for victory; the expulsion of the remaining Hamas members who will remain outside the Strip, the demilitarization of Gaza from heavy weaponry and the creation of a buffer zone in the Strip.

Yisrael and Naomi Weiser, whose son Staff Sergeant Roey Weiser was killed on October 7 while defending his fellow soldiers at the Erez Crossing, said, "This war must continue until the IDF's complete victory over all the enemies that surround us, without respite to allow the enemy to rearm themselves. Anything less than that will not achieve the goal for which my son was killed, which was the defense of the State of Israel. We have no desire for more parents to go through what we are going through now. This must also be the last war. We must learn from our failures to be a deterrent for the future.”

The KIVC was created in 2017 and has Members of the Knesset from both the coalition and opposition and is assisted by the Middle East Forum’s Israel Victory Project.

Co-Chairman of the KIVC, MK Ohad Tal, said, “It's time we stop setting ourselves as a goal more and more tactical victories. Hamas taught us that the time has come for a real and strategic victory. The goal of the war should be that the State of Israel controls the entire Gaza Strip, not temporarily, but permanently. Gaza is part of the State of Israel and should once again be in Israel's hands.”

Deputy Speaker of the Knesset and Co-Chairman of KIVC MK Evgeny Sova added, "Our victory is guaranteed thanks to the strength and resilience of Israeli society, we are now in the middle of the campaign, so we must put aside the differences and division in order to reach an absolute victory. The day will come when we will need to examine the neglect and errors, but that time is not now. We need to create security in the south and the north and restore national pride."

Nave Dromi, Director of the Middle East Forum’s Israel Office, which directs the Israel Victory Project, said, "We are happy to see that everyone now talks about victory, but the key is to turn a victory on the battlefield into a permanent defeat for our enemies, and not just in Gaza. We need to finally and permanently break their will to fight to secure the safety and future of the people of Israel. Anything short of that will mean that this is just another round.”

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