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PRIME MINISTER NETANYAHU HAS BEEN A LEADER AND A STATESMAN - WHERE IT MATTERS MOST - WHEN IT MATTERS MOST - WE ARE CALLING ON YOU TO DO THE SAME, an organization of over 16,000 concerned citizens of every faith from over 120 nations calls on members of the Israeli Knesset not to replace Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister at this critical time. The Iran portfolio is enormously complex. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s leadership on this issue is tried and tested. He has demonstrated a rare moral clarity and strength that is needed now more than ever. Media Request can be made at The following open letter is addressed to members of the Israeli Knesset ************************************

Dear Honorable Knesset Members,

I am sure you agree that your most important responsibility is to ensure the security and survival of the State of Israel, the Land of Israel and the People of Israel. Any other issue with which you may be preoccupied pales in comparison.

Israel's security and existence are imminently threatened by the Islamic Republic of Iran whose Supreme Leader boasts proudly and incessantly of his desire to "wipe Israel off the map" in his speeches, tweets and writings - and even on his illicitly tested ballistic missiles. He is feverishly pursuing that goal - through the development of nuclear weapons -- and the transfer of precision guided missiles and other advanced conventional weaponry to militias in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Gaza.

World powers are now meeting in Vienna seeking to restore the fatally flawed JCPOA which legitimizes and facilitates Iran's path to nuclear weapons . They are also eyeing billions of dollars of sanctions relief which will be used to finance Iran’s malign activities.

In addition to posing an imminent existential threat to Israel, the Islamic Republic of Iran threatens the security of people everywhere - and tears at our collective moral fiber. The hundreds of thousands of innocent victims of Iran’s despicable campaign of conquest, subjugation and murder are crying out for decency and justice - not for heartless compromise and political expediency.

The cruelty and bestiality of this regime are as saddening as the international community’s legitmization of this regime is maddening.

In the Islamic Republic gays are hung from cranes in center squares (a penalty justified by the Iran's Foreign Minister and western media darling Javad Zarif). Flogging, amputation and blindness are penalties inflicted for relatively minor offenses. Using money it reaped from the JCPOA Iran is behind the onslaught of freedom-seeking Syrian people — the intentional and horrific murder of an estimated 500,000 men, women and children using barrel bombs and chemical weapons.

The Islamic Republic is the greatest state sponsor of terrorism in the world - responsible for scores of intentional attacks on innocents, including incessant Hamas rockets from Gaza, the bombing of the AMIA Center and Israeli Embassy in Argentina, the Burgas Bus bombing, “providing “direct and material assistance” al qaeda with the 9/11 attacks and recently planned attacks in London, Paris and Washington D.C. This is a regime that routinely tortures and executes young people for daring to exercise freedom of speech and assembly - most recently wrestling champion Navid Afkari. Xiyue Wang, an American PhD student at Princeton who spent over three years held in the infamous Evin Prison is now on an academic tour determined to inform the world “just how evil this regime is.”

As a light among nations Israel has responsibility to let the world know the truth about the Iranian Regime and to stop this evil in its tracks.

One man has kindled this light - one man has forcefully and eloquently led the charge to share truth and inspire action -- that man is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

He is the same man who the Israeli people supported by a very large margin in the last election.

Whatever one may think of him personally or politically — one can only admire his expertise, passion and conviction on the Iran nuclear issue -- the defining and determinative issue of our time.

Benjamin Netanyahu is both the Israeli people’s choice for Prime Minister and an iconic symbol of this movement. He speaks for those who can't. He is a voice of truth in a world of deception.

One cannot overemphasize the rare qualities Prime Minister Netanyahu has demonstrated in the international arena - moral clarity, strength and resolve. This has enabled him to forge critical alliances with dozens of nations around the world and to bring peace to the Middle East when those on the opposite side of the political aisle deemed it impossible.

Where it matters most and when it matters most he has shown himself to be a statesman and a leader. We are asking the same of you. This is no time for politics as usual.

Past Israeli governments have cowered in the face of international pressure entering into senseless arrangements which left Israeli citizens vulnerable to terror; destabilized the Middle East; and moved us all further away from the true peace and genuine security to which all people of goodwill aspire. Israel cannot afford to make that mistake again. The world cannot afford for Israel to make that mistake again.

Appeasing Iran’s appeasers would be just such a mistake. This time on steroids.

Very troublesome statements have been made which suggest that the coalition government will pursue such a dangerous course. Benny Gantz' recent comments seem to portend that he will go along to get along rather than stand up to what is wrong. In any event the inherent limitations, inevitable paralyses and internal contradictions inherent in such a government are highly problematic to say the least.

The fact that Iran's foreign minister, Javad Zarif is delighted with the prospect of Bibi's departure from the premiership - just as he delighted in the departure of Israel's truest friends in the United States - speaks volumes.

This is no time for weakness and acquiescence. This is no time for compromise and experimentation. This is no time for rookies and risks. This is no time for an equal opportunity security cabinet.

It is a time for Israel’s government to unite behind Israel’s people — behind what is good and right -- behind Israel’s divine destiny.

We hope and pray you will.

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