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March 17, 2023

Today marks the 31st Anniversary of the Iranian regime's terror attack on the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina in which 29 were murdered, including school age children, Israeli diplomats, clergy from a church across the road and other passersby. May their memories be a blessing. The best way to honor them is to finally hold the Iranian Regime accountable for its murder and torture of innocents both at home and around the world.

Today marks the 31st anniversary of the March 17th, 1992 terrorist bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina The horrific event injured 242 and claimed the lives of 29 innocent Israelis and Argentinians, including school-aged children, clergy from a neighboring church and Israeli diplomats. The attack was carried out by a Hezbollah suicide bomber with logistical support from the Iranian Regime and was the deadliest ever on an Israeli diplomatic mission. Argentina is home to the world’s 6th largest Jewish population. Buenos Aires boasts nearly 180,000 Jews.

Because the perpetrators were never held to account the madness continued.

Just over two years later on 18 July 1994 officials at the highest level of the Iranian government and its terror surrogate Hezbollah targeted the Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, a Jewish Community Centre in Buenos Aires. Executed as a suicidal attack, a bomb-laden van was driven into the AMIA building and subsequently detonated, horrifically killing 85 people and injuring over 300.

The Iranian government - through the IRGC and its partners in murder Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Houthis and numerous others continued on its grand terror spree year after year in country after country around the globe. The Iranian government is widely and rightly considered the greatest state sponsor of terrorism in the world and the IRGC, together with its terror proxies, are its modus operandi.

Most recently the IRGC threatened to murder former President Donald Trump and orchestrated the attempted assassination of former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Former National Security Council Head John Bolton. In addition, authorities believe the IRGC was behind the recently attempted murder of activist/journalist Masih Alinejad in Brooklyn, New York for speaking up against the regime.

Our European friends should note that Vienna-based Iranian diplomat Assadolah AssadiIranian and three others were recently found guilty of attempted terrorism after a plot to bomb a rally of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) near Paris in June 2018 was foiled by German, French and Belgian police. The trial established that Assadi had smuggled explosives from Iran and was acting on instructions of high-ranking Iranian officials. Belgian prosecutors "showed how Assadi had brought the professionally assembled 550-gm TATP bomb on a commercial flight to Vienna from Tehran in his diplomatic bag and passed it, together with an envelope containing €22,000 (about US$27,000), to two co-conspirators. Assadi instructed them how to prime and detonate the device. French officials also blamed Iran's ministry of intelligence for the bomb plot

Last year the United States House of Representatives issued bipartisan H.Res. 988 to mark the 30th anniversary of the Embassy bombing. The resolution called for justice for the victims; accountability for the perpetrators; and urged the US government to continue working with allies in the Western Hemisphere to isolate governments who support Hezbollah and Iran’s anti-Semitic attacks.

It seems that little has been done in achieving justice, accountability or deterrence. Iran continues with reckless abandon to plot and execute abductions, assassinations and large scale bombing attacks in cities throughout Europe, the United States and across the globe.

In January the European Parliament overwhelmingly voted to designate the IRGC as the terrorist organization. Such designation could begin to move us back in the direction of sanity. The designation is being blocked on bogus grounds by EU Foreign Policy Chief and longtime mullah appeaser Josep Borrell. Everyone who cares about the future of the Iranian people and the security of the free world must demand that the IRGC's proper designation and Borrell's resignation. We salute those in the European Parliament who are leading and supporting this critical effort and we hope and pray they can cross the finish line. Please do let us know how we can help.

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