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Updated: May 20, 2021


Iran Hostage Crisis - 1979

From the Iranian Revolution in 1979 the theocrats that rule the Islamic Republic of Iran declared their unwavering commitment to the destruction of the United States. This is a regime that refers to the United States as the "Big Satan" and unites its followers to the chant "death to America".

This is not just rhetoric. Time and time again they have put their words into actions.

It began with the taking of our hostages - continued with the bombing of our embassys, hijacking of our planes and murdering 243 of our marines on a peacekeeping mission in Lebanon. They provided "direct and material assistance to the 9/11 hijackers and continue to actively coordinate with al qaeda. In 2011 the Iranian government was directly linked to a planned large scale terror attack in the heart of Washington DC which included the assassination of the Saudi Ambassador. It has been reported that in March of this year Iran threatened to attack a US army base and top General.

And make no mistake -- their war against us is not about what we have done - it is about what we believe. It is not about our actions - but our values.

They know that America shines bright as a symbol of freedom. That the vast majority of Americans are decent people who believe in the value of every human life and the dignity of every human being.

These values are an omnipresent threat to a regime that seeks ideological, religious and geographic dominance through intimidation, brutality, conquest and control.

This is the defining battle of our time.

Liberty must triumph over tyranny.

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