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STOPIRANNOW.ORG. - September 9, 2023


In a dangerous and morally inexplicable blunder the Biden Administration has apparently entered into a secret, unwritten deal with the Iranian regime that well regarded foreign policy expert Fred Fleitz has accurately described as "national security malpractice."

The Administration's actions are illegal and its attempts to circumvent Congress must not succeed. Indeed Congress must review, investigate and vote on this deal pursuant to the Nuclear Deal Review Act of 2015 which was passed overwhelmingly on a bipartisan basis.

As Fleitz explains, to skirt congressional oversight of this dangerous deal it was negotiated as a set of unwritten “understandings” and the Biden administration has publicly denied its existence." But at the same time, Biden officials have privately spun the deal to selected reporters as a diplomatic victory by claiming it suspended Iran’s nuclear weapons program because Tehran agreed not to produce weapons-grade uranium.

The deal will reportedly give Iran $20 billion in sanctions relief to finance its terrorism, nuclear and conventional weapons programs, assistance to Russia and oft stated mission of "wiping Israel off the map" while ignoring the brutal regime's flagrant human rights abuses and the cries of the freedom seeking Iranian people.

Biden Administration officials have argued disingenuously that the Iran's pursuit of nuclear weapons has been halted - a narrative being peddled by many in its echo chamber and beyond. However, a recent report issued by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) found that Iran's stockpile of near-weapons grade uranium and other enriched uranium continues to grow.

Moreover, under the "deal" the Biden Administration also agreed to let Iran enrich to the 60% level, which Fleitz explains "is a very dangerous concession that will be difficult to walk back. With this concession, the Biden Administration has essentially conceded that Iran will soon become a nuclear weapons state." Those serious about preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapon understand that in order to do so any deal must provide for the substantial dismantling of Iran's nuclear infrastructure (as was originally promised by the Obama Administration).

Reuters also reported that Iran continues to refuse to cooperate with IAEA investigations into two sites where evidence was found of possible covert nuclear weapons work.

ACTION: Here is what you can do. Please e-mail, write and call your United States Senators and your Member of Congress and urge them to demand complete transparency and to reverse this dangerous, immoral deal.

Please remind them that The Islamic Republic of Iran poses a grave threat to the United States of America - and genuine measures must be taken to disempower the regime and thwart its nuclear ambitions. See to review the nature of this threat.

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