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Updated: Jun 6, 2021


We invite, welcome and dare all responsible journalists to join us in this critical effort.

The truth about the truth is that it does matter.

Unfortunately, certain politicians think it is disposable - a weapon to be used and abused in an obsessive quest for power and control -- and achieving "victory."

The statements made in connection with the "sale" of the dangerous and fatally flawed Iran nuclear deal are illustrative.

One of the most disturbing aspects of the Iran Deal was the manner in which the Obama Administration was able to peddle a false narrative which was readily trumpeted by a compliant, sycophantic mainstream media and so-called "think tanks". Ben Rhodes spoke of this "echo chamber" in a revealing New York Times expose.

One of the most misleading aspects of this narrative was the assertion that the election of Hassan Rouhani presented a "window of opportunity" because he was a "moderate". Rouhani was anything but a "moderate"-and in any event the Supreme Leader is the ultimate arbiter on all matters of importance in the Islamic Republic. It was subsequently revealed that the Obama Administration had been negotiating secretly with Iran before the election -- and had already agreed to make numerous concessions which included reversing decades long bipartisan and international consensus policy of prohibiting the terrorist regime from the domestic enrichment of uranium.

It is also been well documented that most promises that came out of the mouths of Obama Administration officials were not kept -- and critical statements about the deal turned out to be false.

In addition, many of the statements made by Obama Administration officials about the JCPOA at the time it was consummated turned out to be false.

Unfortunately, many of the same people who were part of the team that misled us in the past have been tapped by the Biden Administration.

We must commit to being truth vigilantis.

We need YOU to correct falsehood and share truth on both social media and the mainstream media. This is a critical part of our effort.

We must replace the echo chamber with a truth chamber.

We invite, welcome and dare all responsible journalists to join us in this critical effort.


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