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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

After lying repeatedly and hiding the ball the last time around - the Obama/Bidenites and their fellow appeasers in Vienna have elected this time around to shroud their despicable enablement of evil in secrecy.

There is no media coverage of the details of the negotiations -- other than reports that the appeasers once again seek to provide sanctions relief for nothing.

Mimicking the authoritarian practices of the brutal tyrants they seek to enrich - they even went so far as to ban protests in Vienna.

Last time around the world had a true leader - Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bravely who called the lies for what they were and sounded a clarion call....

--No the JCPOA does not stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons as falsely stated on the Obama White House website he explained - - it paves Iran's path to the bomb (a reality confirmed by United Against a Nuclear Iran, a bipartisan group of experts led by former Democratic Senator Vice Presidential Candidate Joseph Lieberman).

--The regime will not use the $150 billion in sanctions relief to help the Iranian people - rather the West will be funding Iran's development of advanced conventional and nuclear weapons; its campaign of murder and subjugation throughout the Middle East; its stated goal of annihilating the tiny Jewish state of Israel and its terrorism around the world they warned -- and indeed they were right.

--The Inspection regime was fundamentally flawed and easily circumvented -- indeed Iran has harassed and intimidated UN nuclear inspectors and has not been cooperative.

This time an Israeli government that unscrupulously rose to power through deception and against the clearly expressed will of the Israeli people is apparently determined to stay silent so as not to offend the Israel haters in the Biden Administration.

This is clearly a recipe for disaster.

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