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STOP IRAN NOW TO BIDEN Enforce sanctions on Iranian oil tankers - We support the Group of 10

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

"The boom in oil sales has refilled the Iranian regime’s once-empty coffers, removed crucial American leverage over Iran, and encouraged the Iranians to stall negotiations in Vienna."

WASHINGTON – A group of ten Senate Republicans wrote to US President Joe Biden on Friday urging him to enforce sanctions on Iranian oil tankers.

According to the letter, a growing fleet of oil tankers is evading US sanctions and entities are purchasing Iranian oil from these tankers.

“As you are aware, Iran’s energy sector is a primary source of funding to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a designated foreign terrorist organization,” the senators wrote.

The senators added that because of its critical role in funding terrorism, the National Iranian Oil Company is subject to US terrorism sanctions. “Therefore, enforcing oil sanctions against Iran is also enforcing terrorism sanctions against Iran.”

The Senate Republicans also noted that the ‘maximum pressure’ campaign “seriously reduced Iranian oil exports and curtailed the Iranian regime’s ability to finance terrorism and other malign activities. This massive drop in revenue gave the US significant leverage over Iran and impeded the regime’s strategic ambitions.” thanks the Group of 10 - Sens. Cotton, Grassley, Hagerty, Cruz, Blackburn, Tillis, Ernst, Langford and Cornyn - and encourages other Senators to join them. WE URGE OUR FOLLOWERS IN THE UNITED STATES TO THANK THE GROUP OF 10 - AND TO WRITE TO THEIR SENATORS AND ENCOURAGE THEM TO DEMAND PRESIDENT BIDEN ENFORCE EXISTING SANCTIONS AGAINST THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN AND RELAUNCH WHAT HAD BEEN A VERY EFFECTIVE MAXIMUM PRESSURE CAMPAIGN.

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