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Updated: Nov 13, 2022

We are urging the people of Israel not to walk - but to run to the polls to vote for Netanyahu and his Likud Party



Video : Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressing the United States Congress on March 3, 2015 warning against the disastrous and fatally flawed Iran nuclear deal. Unfortunately, all of the concerns he expressed have been realized.


OCTOBER 23, 2022

At Stop Iran Now we would prefer to stay away from politics. We believe that the issues at hand transcend politics, religion and nationality - and touch our common humanity.

But we seek truth - and understand the critical need to share it.

And we live in the real world where there is great significance in who holds the levers of power.

Indeed, elections have consequences.

On November 1 the Israeli people will vote in an election that will have enormous consequences - for the the State of Israel, for the Middle East and for the entire world.

Benjamin Netanyahu a/k/a 'Bibi'- the former Prime Minister of Israel - is seeking reelection. We are urging the people of Israel not to walk - but to run to the polls to vote for Netanyahu and his Likud Party as a matter of urgency.

Here's Why


In 2015, when the Obama/Biden Administration was on the verge of entering into the disastrous and fundamentally flawed Iran nuclear deal ("JCPOA") which poses an existential threat to his country Bibi made the decision to address the United States Congress and inform them of the great perils posed by the pending accord. Bibi did precisely what any responsible leader of the State of Israel would have done - trying to garner as much support as possible to oppose the deal both in Congress and in the court of public opinion - while making certain to leave Israel's options on the table.

Unfortunately, his warnings were right on point.

  • The Obama/Biden Administration that went into negotiations with substantial leverage and the stated objective of dismantling Iran's nuclear program ended up with an accord that left that infrastructure substantially intact and enabled the development of advanced centrifuges which are more efficient and easier to hide.

  • An Obama/Biden Administration that went into negotiations promising to address Iran's ballistic missile capability did not enabling Iran to permissively develop advanced intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

  • An Obama/Biden Administration which went into negotiations promising that Iran must come clean on its prior clandestine efforts to develop a military nuclear program (critical in terms of enacting effective measures to thwart that program) abandoned that promise - and a daring mission by the Israeli Mossad under Netanyahu raided a warehouse containing valuable information which proved conclusively that Iran lied when it claimed its program was for 'peaceful' purposes and unearthed valuable information to the UN's nuclear watchdog the IAEA.

  • The highly touted inspections regimen and snapback sanctions remedy were and are unworkable -- and even laughable.

Most importantly:

  • An Obama/Biden Administration which entered the White House when there was international concensus and the greatest state sponsor of terrorism in the world was not legally able to enrich uranium which could be used to develop nuclear weapons - reached a deal in which President Obama himself admitted would eventually legtimize Iran's development of nuclear weapons

  • "In return" the Obama/Biden Administration gave the murderous Iranian regime $55 billion in sanctions relief which, as Bibi predicted, was used to fund (i) Iran's campaign of 'conquest, subjugation and murder' throughout the Middle East (including its partnership with Assad and the murder of 500,000 Syrians using barrel bombs and chemical weapons); (ii) Iran's terrorism around the globe (including on American soil); (iii) Iran's development of both nuclear and conventional military capabilities and (iv) Iran's cyber capabilities and attacks.

What should have been learned at the very least is that Iran is not a good faith partner -- or more to the point - that you cannot make a deal with the devil.


With the encouragement of Bibi, President Trump withdrew from the JCPOA and instituted a maximum pressure campaign designed to regain lost leverage and achieve a result which would actually prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

Joe Biden (who was instrumental in 'selling' the 2015 accord to Congress) entered the White House eager to fulfill his promise to revive the flawed and dangerous JCPOA. In an effort to appease the mullahs he immediately reversed President Trump's maximum pressure campaign. Most notable were his waivers on Iran's energy sales to China which loaded the regime's coffers with more petro dollars than before the 2015 deal and his revocation of the terror designation of the Houthis - Iran's terror proxy in Yemen which had been incessantly targeting Saudi civilians and key infrastructure in the Kingdom.

Biden and his team promised a longer and stronger deal but it soon became apparent that what was being negotiated was a shorter and much weaker deal which would provide little practical benefit to the West while enriching the Iranian regime with $20 billion almost immediately and an estimated $1 trillion by 2030. Three members resigned from the US negotiating team led by the infamous Rob Malley (best known for exhibiting sympathies toward Hamas). It was revealed that the Russians, while in the midst of attacking Ukraine, were 'negotiating' on behalf of the United States prompting Russian diplomat Mikhail Ulyanov to praise Iranian negotiators and conclude ""I am absolutely sincere in this regard when I say that Iran got much more than it could expect." He went on "Our Chinese friends were also very efficient and useful as co-negotiators."

As unbelievable as it may sound - Biden has still not given up on entering into this renewed agreement. Even the current revolution in Iran - and the brutal theocratic regime's brutal crackdown on freedom-seeking Iranian schoolgirls could not deter him. While providing only tepid support to the brave Iranian people risking life and limb in their struggle for self-determination, Biden Administration talking heads insist that while the timing is not right we are not abandoning talks -- (that's political speak for we're waiting until after the elections).

Throughout the course of the discussions - as the truth leaked out - once again Bibi, as leader of the opposition in Israel, spoke truth to power urging members of Congress and the American people to speak out against the arrangement while the Bennett government and the current government under caretaker Prime Minister Yair Lapid and caretaker Defense Minister Benny Gantz who are standing against Bibi in this election (together with anti-zionists, terror supporters on whom there government relies) were deafeningly silent.


Recently one of Bibi's opponents caretaker Defense Minister Benny Gantz penned an oped criticizing Bibi's handling of the Iran file and deriding his decision to speak before the United States Congress.

It is said that "silence in the face of evil is itself evil".

Apparently Gantz does not understand this.

His preferred course of action was and has been deafening silence. As the world took measures to legitimize, embolden and enrich and nuclearize - the greatest state sponsor of terrorism and antisemitism in the world - a brutal theocratic regime that oppresses its people and murders innocents with reckless abandon - whose oft-stated goal is to annihilate the Jewish state of Israel - deafening silence.

This was and is part of his Gantz's larger plan of "going along to get along" with the Obama/Biden folks at all costs. Perhaps it was no coincidence that Obama's campaign expert Joel Benenson worked on Gantz's campaigns (as did aides who compared Trump to Hitler) or that the Obama Administration illicitly used US tax dollars to interfere in the Israeli election and try to oust Netanyahu.

Gantz also criticized Bibi's encouragement of President Trump's withdrawal from the JCPOA. In the op/ed Gantz repeated the great lie being told by supporters of the JCPOA in the United States who blame Iranian nuclear expansion on US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal under President Trump - but that argument has effectively been debunked. It is clear in the timeline below that Iranian aggressiveness was triggered the day Biden was elected and became more pronounced as he continued to reverse Trump's maximum pressure campaign.

Additionally, it is an undisputed fact is that the revenue Iran reaped from the JCPOA is being used to finance: Iran's murderous campaign of conquest and subjugation throughout the Middle East; its terrorist entities including Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah; and its off stated goal of "wiping Israel off the map". It should be a no brainer that any effort to defund the mullahs was clearly in Israel and the world's best interest. To suggest otherwise is foolish- dangerous - and irresponsible for any leader - let alone an Israeli one no matter how desperately he seeks the premiership.

It should also be noted that Iran's cheating on the nuclear deal began long before President Trump's decision to withdraw. Indeed, the evil regime which had continuously deceived the international community prior to the JCPOA -- continued to do so afterward. This should have come as no surprise. A leopard does not change its stripes. A bad faith actor will remain a bad faith actor even after you infuse it with cash.


According to the Israel's Foreign Ministry, Lapid (who previously served as Foreign Minister) and US Secretary of State Antony Blinken agreed on a policy of “no surprises”.

This policy is naive and dangerous.

It undermines Israeli sovereignty - and the fundamental right of the Jewish state to "defend itself by itself."

Surprise is one of the greatest weapons in warfare.

The history here is important. Unfortunately, the Obama/Biden White House has demonstrated that when it come to Israel - it is either unable or unwilling to keep a secret. In the past these folks have leaked critical information about Israel’s strategy in an effort to pressure Jerusalem to abandon its own military planning and render the existence of the Jewish state dependent on its own strategy.

Also, we must not lose sight of the fact that the Israeli government had previously taken actions which were opposed by its allies at the time -- but which later proved wise and critical to Israel's existence and to the stability and security of the Middle East and beyond. Two examples that come to mind are the destruction of nuclear reactors in both Iraq and Syria.

Bibi expressed his great concern about this - mentioning that he was asked specifically by US President Joe Biden and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, “Don’t surprise us,” regarding Iran, but refused to make such a commitment, telling them only, “I’ll take your request into account.” He said of Lapid's serious blunder"

“From now on, the new Israeli government must coordinate all of its actions against the Iranian nuclear program with the administration in Washington, an administration that is rushing to rejoin the dangerous nuclear deal, and, which it is obvious to all, won’t take military action against Iran” .

He went on...

“I cannot think of a weaker and more feeble message we could be sending Iran,” he said, adding that the Islamic Republic’s ayatollahs can now “sleep well at night.”


The Biden administration, with the acquiescence of a caretaker government in Israel turned Iran's terrorist proxy Hezbollah into a significant player in the Eastern Mediterranean energy industry this week.

As FDD's Tony Badran writes:

"While the Lebanese delegation consisted of government officials, the real, if indirect, interlocutor for the Biden administration was always Hezbollah. The group’s chief, Hassan Nasrallah, set the parameters and the tempo of the negotiations and has found an eager and cooperative partner in the Biden team."

The Biden administration and a caretaker Israeli government set a terrible precedent and made the world a more dangerous place by leveraging Hezbollah threats of war to secure Israeli concessions that enrich and empower a U.S.-designated terrorist organization that is an Iranian proxy.

Hezbollah is behind many of the most egregious terror attacks in the world - including the AMIA bombing in Argentina and the Marine Barracks bombing in Lebanon. They are entrenched in Latin America and pose significant threats to the United States.

Prosperity is critical to national security and this caretaker government had no right to give away valuable assets which belong to the state of Israel, the land of Israel and the people of Israel - without even a referendum or Knesset vote - let alone to a terrorist organization that currently has 150,000 missiles pointed at the tiny Jewish state.

This shows that the caretaker government of Gantz and Lapid is more beholden to its masters in the Biden White House than to the people it purports to represent. And the the Biden government is more beholden to the tyrants in Tehran than to the American people and American values.

This deal is so egregious that you could not make it up in your wildest imagination!


Often described as "Churchillian", Bibi is Israel's longest serving Prime Minister and one of the greatest leaders of modern times.

He is brilliant and charismatic. He brings unparalleled experience, rare talent and admirable personal qualities. He is the most popular political figure in Israel by far and he has earned the respect and admiration of hundreds of millions of people around the world. And for good reason....

Bibi led Israel through long periods of prosperity and security. Under his tenure Israel's innovation and ingenuity was released enabling it to become a technological and entrepreneurial powerhouse.

Bibi forged solid diplomatic relations with over 160 nations and increased Israel's standing around the world.

Bibi brought true peace to the Middle East. He effectuated the miraculous Abraham Accords showing that genuine peace was possible through the UAE and Bahrain (and hopefully soon Saudi Arabia). He was able to unify those in the region threatened by Iran and to successfully employ the 'iron triangle' of soft and hard diplomatic relations coupled with economic prosperity. For years leftists in the United States pressured Israel toward an imagined peace but in reality fomented war and instability through futile efforts with "Palestinians" (whose response of choice were days of rage and full blown intifadas) and Iran's terror proxies in Gaza. These terrorists consistently incite hatred against Jews and Israel - reward those who intentionally murder innocent Jews - and share the Iranian regime's desire to annihilate the Jewish state of Israel. Unlike the failed efforts of the past Bibi's approach was pragmatic and effective.

Most relevantly, it was Bibi's compelling and relentless campaign to expose the Iranian regime - its dangerous beliefs, its unconscionable behavior and its evil intentions - that inspired us at Stop Iran Now - and so many around the world to dedicate themselves to our defining mission at Stop Iran Now.

Indeed, in a world where too many go-along-to-get-along - it is refreshing to see a leader who had the strength and moral clarity to stand up to what is wrong. In this day and age this demands tremendous courage. Netanyahu and his family have paid a high personal price for doing so. (They have been the victims of the leftist establishment and its media sycophants).

But unselfishly devoting their lives to Israel and the Jewish people is in the Netanyahu family DNA. And now when the trumped up charges against Bibi have fizzled (as so-called State witnesses told the truth) - rather than apologize for their travesty and slander the political and media opportunists continue to prey and knee jerk.

A strong and respected Israel is essential if we are to STOP IRAN NOW.

It is crystal clear to us that Israel and the world need Bibi now more than ever . We hope and pray the Israeli people will open their eyes before it is too late.

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