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Updated: Nov 25, 2023

We celebrate the release of 50 of the 240 hostages brutally abducted by Hamas on that dark day of October 7th with tears in our eyes.

Girl bleeding begging Hamas terrorists for mercy as she is abducted. October 7, 2023

Stop Iran Now

November 22, 2023

We celebrate the apparently impending release of 50 of the 240 hostages brutally abducted by Hamas on that dark day of October 7th with tears in our eyes.

What about justice for the 1200 people brutally murdered on that infamous day? The families that were burned alive? The babies that were tortured and decapitated? The women who were gang raped until they bled and their pelvises were broken? The men who were beheaded? The 7,000 who lie in Israeli hospitals with life changing injuries?

And what about the people in Israel whose lives remain in jeopardy as Hamas officials have promised - if allowed - to repeat the massacres "over and over again"?

What about the hostages who are not released?

The IDF was effectively defending the Jewish people and all of us from the monster that is Hamas which, in the words of United States Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin 'takes evil to another level' beyond ISIS. They were doing what needed to be done to make certain that the atrocities do 10/11 do not repeat themselves in Israel - in Europe - in the United States or anywhere in the world. They were putting pressure on Hamas - pressure which compelled the barbarians to seek this deal in the first place. They were securing justice for the Jewish people.

With a wonderful fighting spirit these fathers, and brothers, doctors, engineers, tradesmen and young people of all races and backgrounds came together in a remarkably successful way to begin to overthrow the Nazis of our time. They are doing so in the most moral fashion in the history of warfare - up against a savage enemy that uses children as human shields - an enemy that has no regard for human life or human dignity.

A sane, uncorrupt non-Jew hating world would have stood with them 100%.

They would have demanded the unconditional release of all of the hostages. Period.

They would have allowed - or rather encouraged - the IDF to fight the good fight swiftly and unimpeded.

But no......

Instead they decided to reward the war crime of hostage taking which history has shown repeatedly only begets more hostage taking.

Instead they decided to hold the most moral army in the world to unrealistic standards.

Some Jew haters came out of the closet with the audacity to suggest there is some moral equivalence between Israel's defensive actions and those of the barbarians.

Some even tried to justify the unjustifiable - to defend the indefensible.

The world is apparently so weak and morally depraved that onus was placed on the Jewish state to negotiate with these duplicitous Nazi monsters - forcing Israel to make concessions rather than putting the pressure exclusively where it should have been - on the depraved monsters of Hamas and on their sponsor Iran.

Israel is being forced to release droves of convicted terrorists in exchange for the hostages. The smart money says these convicted terrorists will be welcomed as heroes - emboldened - and continue to do what they do best - hate, torture and murder Jews.

There were not two sides to the Nazi story. There should not have been two sides here. Never again is now and much of the world is complicit with the Nazis.

A truly sad state of affairs.

What if Joe Biden stopped pressuring Israel and started pressuring Iran? What if he stopped funding the Hamas' paymaster Iran to the tune of tens of billions of dollars? What if he acknowledged Iran's complicity in the 10/7 attacks? What if he responded forcefully to the America hating brutal tyranny's incessant attacks on American troops? How much were apparent Hamas ally Rob Malley and his mullah-serving cohorts in the US government involved here?

What if the United Nations did its job and united the world behind this struggle for jusice rather than siding with evil?

What if all the nations of the world did everything they could to relegate the murderous and dangerous mullahs (and their murderous terrorist surrogates) to the pariah status which they so richly deserve rather than absurdly treating them as a good faith bargaining partner?

Anyone and everyone who pushed for a deal that did not bring home all of the hostages unconditionally - and threatened and pressured Israel to settle for less - should be ashamed.

If any situation called for moral clarity this is it.

We hope and pray those involved will do some serious soul searching.

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