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G-D BLESS YOU BARRY ROSEN - All Hostages Must Matter


JANUARY 18, 2022

THIS WEEK MARKS THE 41st Anniversary of the release of the 52 US hostages who were held captive in Iran from November 1979 to January 1981.

Barry Rosen was one of those hostages. His story is heartwrenching. His display of selflessness, strength and courage throughout his life is heartwarming.

His story is without an ending. You can help create a beautiful one by sharing his current mission through e-mail and social media - and calling your Presidents, Prime Ministers, foriegn secretaries and diplomats.

Now 79 years old Mr. Rosen traveled to Vienna today to try to secure the release of the Iranian regime's current hostages by going on a hunger strike and making a personal appeal to world leaders not to enter into any deal with Iran until they are released. In a twitter video Mr. Rosen explained:

"The Iranian hostage crisis hasn't ended for many others: Americans and Westerners who are now being held as bargaining chips in Iran. There are at least two dozen of them."

Indeed the Iranian hostage crisis is far from over.

Many Americans and Westerners are currently being held captive by the regime. The cruelty they are suffering is exceeded perhaps only by the indifference of world leaders seemingly desperate to ink a deal with the brutal theocratic regime at all costs.

While many are afraid to do so the following brave hostages have gone public (click their names to read their stories on the UANI website):

Abdolrasoul Dorri-Esfahani - Iranian-Canadian Accountant and Nuclear Negotiator

Afshin Sheikholeslami Vatani - Iranian Kurdish Environmentalist and U.S. Permanent Resident; Ahmadreza Djalali - Iranian-Swedish Expert in Emergency Disaster Medicine

Anousheh Ashoori - British-Iranian

Baquer Namazi - Iranian-American Former Senior U.N. Official, Father of Hostage Siamak Namazi;

Benjamin Brière - French Tourist

Emad Shargi - Iranian-American Businessman

Fariba Adelkhah - French-Iranian Academic

Jamshid Sharmahd - Iranian-German Activist, Broadcaster, and Businessman

Kamran Ghaderi - Iranian-Austrian businessman