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Updated: Feb 10, 2022

What are you hiding Rob Malley and Where is the Media?

STOPIRANNOW.ORG - February 10, 2022

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R., N.Y.) had been leading the charge to pressure Biden Iran negotiator the controversial Rob Malley into testifying before the United States Congress. After months of stonewalling a classified briefing was held on Tuesday afternoon from which Rep. Tenney emerged with "more questions than answers". She demanded that Malley immediately testify in an open setting so that the American public can learn exactly what the United States has promised Iran in exchange for billions of dollars in sanctions relief.

Kudos to Congresswomen Tenney.

This is America after all - not Iran. We are suppose to be a government of, by and for the people - and transparency is integral to self government.

Also, transparency happens to be a the greatest disinfectant. The world stands in astonishment how the folks in Vienna can continue to embrace evil - clearly something is not kosher. (If you still question whether this regime is the embodiment of evil in our time check out its long record of terrorism, mass murder, human rights abuses and pledge to annihilate Israel which are are well documented).

Par usual -- when it comes to this issue the so-called media has been curiously uncurious.

But why the hush hush?

As you may recall last time around the chief storyteller on the Obama/Biden team Ben Rhodes acknowledged creating a false narrative which was readily peddled by a collaboration of sycophantic journalists and so-called think tanks which he referred to quite unaffectionately as the "echo-chamber."

Some brave truth seekers actually followed what was being said and what was being done vis-a-vis the Iran deal and revealed glaring inconsistencies - some would argue duplicities. OK let's be real here - we were bamboozled by our own government.

This same cast of characters (or shall we say the sole remaining character - the controversial Rob Malley - as most of his team withdrew reportedly due to frustration) has now replaced the echo chamber with an empty chamber.

You can't get caught in lies if you don't say anything.

And duly note that the pack of lies previously revealed were not just "gotcha" moments. Obama/Clinton/Kerry had surreptitiously reversed decades long consensus policy denying Iran the right to enrich uranium which can be used to make nuclear weapon while promising that would compel Iran to dismantle its nuclear infrastructure. The ultimate accord facilitated Iran's development of advanced centrifuges and intercontinental ballistic missiles which threaten all of us. Perhaps the greatest lie of all was that the JCPOA advanced peace. Au contraire this feckless and dangerous capitulation further destabilized the region enriching and emboldening a murderous terror-sponsoring regime which predictably used the $150 billion windfall to further its campaign of murder, conquest and subjugation throughout the Middle East - as well as its terrorism abroad including in Europe and the United States.

True to form - the Bidenites also figured that when the mud starts to hit the proverbial fan - - they would do what they do best .... blame Trump.

Indeed, as the sordid details and frightening consequences of their most recent dalliance with the devil are starting to leak the knee jerk, Trumpphobic talking points are starting to perculate.

Not so fast Joe. Not so fast Rob. Not so fast echo chamber.

What about the promise of a longer, stronger deal? This was a promises made just a year ago by Biden & Co. when they came to the table with enormous leverage thanks to Trump's maximum pressure campaign? The deal apparently won't be longer as there is no talk of addressing the sunset provisions which will soon expire. A stronger deal was also meant to deal with the ballistic missiles as well as Iran's terrorism, aggression and heinous human rights abuses. Apparently it does not. Biden owns this failure to capitalize.

What about the sage advice provided by a distinguished bipartisan group of experts, including former Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman which Biden and Biden alone chose to ignore?

What about the Iranians refusal to give us a seat at the table? In our view we should not have wanted one - as this regime should not have been legitimized. However, to engage with them while enduring such humiliation and condescension sent a terrible message of weakness (similar to the Afghanistan debacle). We are a superpower - we are the leader of the free world. This assault on America and Americans cannot be forgotten.

What about the fact that that our regional allies whose security and survival depends on the fate of these negotiations are not even offered a seat at the table? Might that prompt them to think - if that's what friend are for who needs em? This certainly is not the way the American people treat our friends. This certainly does not help our national security posture going forward.

What about the Supreme Leader's appointment of Ebrahim Raizi as President in the sham election of June 2021? This is a man who was responsible for the 1988 massacre of in which an estimated 30,000 political opponents were executed? Did this not change Biden's calculus? We were told that the reason we dealt with this unsavory regime in the first instance was because the "election" of former President Hassan Rouhani - a purported moderate - provided a window of opportunity. One cannot even feign the argument that Raizi a/k/a the mass murderer is a moderate. Did this not affect the Bidenites at all? Are they souless? It was Joe Biden and only Joe Biden who abandoned our values and shocked our conscience by proceeding as if the empowerment of Raizi had been a non-event.

The facts reveal that the more weakness Biden displayed - the more he appeased evil - the more intransigent and aggressive the regime's behavior.

Rather than blaming his predecessor we urge Joe Biden to take responsibility and avoid falling deeper into the abyss

Indeed, there is a way out.

Be a leader.

Reimpose a maximum pressure campaign to regain leverage.

Seek justice for the victims of Iran's atrocities.

At the very least negotiate a deal we can all be proud of - not a deal you have to hide.

And for goodness sake in the words of one of my favorite television personalities of yesteryear Bud Collyer - remember to tell the truth.

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