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Updated: Mar 18

I am the Lord; I called you with righteousness and I will strengthen your hand; and I formed you, and I made you for a people's covenant, for a light to nations. To open blind eyes, to bring prisoners out of a dungeon, those who sit in darkness out of a prison.

(Isaiah 42:6)

Pictured: The Menorah in front of the Knesset in Jerusalem, Israel.


February 26, 2023

Time has come for the the people of Israel to shine their light.

Unity and focus are critical. They must stand united behind the heroic Iranian people - not divided amongst themselves. The Iranian regime, the personification of evil in our time, poses a true existential threat to the State of Israel - as well as to Europe, the United States and freedom-loving people everywhere.


The histrionics on the streets of Israel are disappointing and distracting.

The people of Israel must not be misled by the deceivers, dividers and destroyers - those who are subverting freedom under the guise of preserving it. By their unwillingness to engage in discussions and their continued incitement of mayhem they have demonstrated their true agenda - a coup to unseat the democratically elected government of the State of Israel - the very antithesis of democracy.

The craziness and anarchy witnessed as part of the progressive playbook in America not so long ago is now reappearing on the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It is smoke and mirrors. The Jewish people and all people of common sense and goodwill must have the wisdom to reject it wholeheartedly.

The fact that the unelected, unaccountable and self-perpetuating Supreme Court in Israel has amassed way too much power is a no brainer.

The Israeli people voted in favor of reform in the last election. The governing coalition must be applauded for its efforts to keep their promise to do so.

The Israeli Supreme Court must be checked and balanced to strengthen Israeli democracy and enable the duly elected government to function optimally.

The judicial coup orchestrated by Aharon Barack began in the 1990s. It has evolved to the point where the court rules the country with reckless abandon - handing down edicts consistent with its out-of-touch ideology under a vague concept of "reasonableness".

This court ignores the laws of the duly elected Israeli government - and makes others up as it goes along. It hears any matter brought before it by any party without any concept of justiciability or standing. It does not require matters to be brought before lower courts in the first instance. A non-elected, unaccountable attorney general is given unprecedented power.

The court does not even try to appear apolitical. Its prejudice against the observant Jewish population - the majority - in Israel is readily apparent to all who open their eyes.

The court has reared its often ugly head into political and policy matters which no self-respecting court in a western democracy would touch with a ten foot pole - matters impacting election outcomes - matters significantly impacting both national security and the economy.

As a result, the Israeli people have suffered en masse. Here is just a taste of the judicial outrageousness they have been forced to endure:

  • The Israeli Supreme Court blocked the IDF from razing buildings used by terrorists to attack Israelis passing on the nearby road resulting in tragedy including the horrific slaughter of a young pregnant mother, Tali Hatuel, driving along the road, and her four young daughters, ages 2 to 11 years old by Arab terrorists (even though the army planned to pay compensation to the absentee building owners).

  • The Israeli Supreme Court permitted terror-supporting political parties and individuals who openly seek to violently overthrow Israel to run for Knesset. The Israeli Supreme Court overturned the Knesset Central Elections Commission’s disqualification of these parties, and violated Israel’s Basic Law: Knesset, 7a, which bars parties and candidates that incite racism or support armed struggle by an enemy state or terrorist organization against Israel.

  • The Israeli Supreme Court permitted the entry into Israel of an anti-Israel BDS activist who headed a BDS-organization Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) chapter. This violated Israel’s 2017 law barring entry of BDS activists. Then-Minister of Public Security Gilad Erdan said: “the Supreme Court granted a great victory to BDS . . . [T]he Supreme Court’s decision . . . has undermined the ability of the State of Israel to fight the boycott activists who harm us all.”