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Three Members of his Negotiating Team Have Quit To Protest His Dangerous Capitulations to the Iranian Regime - Please join STOPIRANNOW.ORG in calling for his immediate resignation and the resumption of a maximum pressure campaign on Iran.

STOPIRANOW.ORG - March 4, 2022

Pictured: Rob Malley with Mikhail Ulyanov, Russia's envoy to the Iran nuclear talks.

It is said that great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; and small minds discuss people.

But there are exceptions.

Indeed what is happening in Vienna is so earth shattering and dangerous that it is important and instructive to understand Rob Malley. His pigheaded ideas have led to catastrophic human suffering in the past - and will do so again unless the brakes are applied - and quickly.

As Ronald Radosh pointed out in his well documented December 2015 article entitled Obama Quietly Adds Hamas Apologist Robert Malley to ISIS Policy Team:

"Malley, one might remember, was bounced from a role in Obama’s 2008 campaign because of protests about his private meetings with Hamas.

A little while later, he was back as a senior policy advisor to Obama, who sent him to Egypt and Syria to discuss Obama’s policies on the Middle East. However, the policies that Malley has advocated have all been focused on recognizing the legitimacy of Middle East dictators and dictatorial, theocratic regimes."

Radosh continues:

"In 2007 Malley wrote an op-ed that appeared in the Los Angeles Times advocating a renewal of Syrian-Israeli peace negotiations at a time when Israel and the U.S. believed it would be futile and even detrimental. On the contrary, Malley argued, it was the right time for an Israeli-Syrian peace agreement, because Syria is “unlikely to sponsor militant groups, jeopardize its newfound status, destabilize the region or threaten nascent economic ties for the sake of ideological purity once an agreement has been reached.” Of course, Damascus couldn’t be expected to “cut ties with Hezbollah, break with Hamas or alienate Iran as the entry fare for peace negotiations.”

Please note how tragically wrong Malley was about Syria.

Pictured: Malley mentor John Kerry and his wife dining with Bashar Assad, the President of Syria who, with Iran's assistance and backing is responsible for the murder of over 500,000 men, women and children in Syria using barrel bombs and chemical weapons.

Radosh also notes Malley's long history of hostility and unfairness to Israel...

"In articles primarily appearing in The New York Review of Books, he regularly focused on Israel’s supposed sins and responsibility for lack of peace between Israel and the Palestinians. A profile of him in Discover the Networks has links to his articles, many of which were co-authored with Hussein Agha, a former advisor to Yasser Arafat. Malley’s father was Simon Malley, a leader of Egypt’s Communist Party, a confidant of Yasser Arafat, and a fierce critic of Israel. Clearly, the tree has not fallen very far from its roots.


From 1998 to 2001, Malley was President Clinton’s special assistant for Arab-Israeli Affairs. In July 2000 he became a member of the U.S. peace team bringing Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Arafat together for peace talks which ended in failure. Clinton and Barak blamed Arafat for it. So did U.S. Ambassador Dennis Ross, who claimed the talks failed for one reason — Arafat wanted them to fail. Ross did not believe Arafat could end the conflict:

We had one critical clause in the agreement, and that clause was, this is the end of the conflict. Arafat’s whole life has been governed by struggle and a cause … [F]or him to end the conflict is to end himself.

Malley was having none of it. He blamed the failure on Israel; it was Israel, not the PLO, who was the inflexible partner at the Camp David talks.

Pictured: Bill Clinton, Rob Malley and Yasser Arafat who was personally involved in the planning and execution of dozens of terror attacks in which thousands of innocent Israeli and American men, women and children were intentionally and horrifically maimed and murdered. It is no coincidence that Arafat was the first “foreign leader” invited to visit Iran mere days after the victory of the revolution declaring that he was coming to his “own home.” Arafat's Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) played a pivotal role in creating the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Summing up her take on Malley’s current appointment at that time , Lori Lowenthal wrote this in The Jewish Express:

'Malley is the kind of new-age negotiator who thinks there is no tyrant too awful to shun -- and is always eager to play up the “positive” aspects of genocidal terrorist regimes as the justification for allowing them right there in the tent, seated next to you. ... With a history of dissing Israel, snuggling up to Hamas, shielding Assad, and promoting the containment of a nuclear-armed Iran, is it any surprise that Malley is Obama’s choice to spearhead the U.S. response to ISIS?'"

The remainder of the article expresses great concern and righteous skepticism regarding Malley's involvement in the Iran file:

"Robert Malley, who now will be advising on Iranian relations with the United States, believes that if Iran develops a nuclear weapon, the U.S. would be able to deal with it as it did with the Soviets — by pursuing a policy of containment. In 2012, writing in Foreign Policy, Malley had criticized Obama in 2012 for being too much of a hawk in not pursuing such a policy.

Malley is the perfect man for the job now that the administration wants Iran-U.S. relations to move ahead despite Iran’s support of terrorism, violation of human rights, and its desire for nuclear weapons capability. He has obviously been promoted by the president because of his advocacy of a “soft” policy towards Iran."

Radosh is quite prescient and on point -- although - if information recently revealed in an earth shattering tweet by a former state department official rings true - the reality today is far worse than even Radosh could have imagined. "Soft policy" is a profound understatement.

In a lengthy tweet/desperate plea Gabriel Noronha says that his former colleagues at the State Department “are so concerned with the concessions” that Malley is making to the Iranians in the Vienna negotiations that they okayed Noronha’s publication of the gory details, in “hopes that Congress will act to stop the capitulation.”

He noted that "everything is being filtered through the Russians" who are apparently controlling the show. Need I mind you that this is happening while Russia is intentionally murdering civilians in its heinous attempts to overthrow the democratically elected government in Ukraine.

According to Noronha, Malley and his Russian counterpart (i) are giving Iran $7 billion in immediate sanctions relief and an estimated $150 billion overall unconditionally, meaning it can be used to fund its war machine, terrorism and murderous campaign of conquest and subjugation, (ii) rubber stamping the fundamentally flawed JCPOA which paves Iran's path to a nuclear bomb, (iii) not addressing Iran's illicit ballistic missile development which by some reports may be able to reach the American homeland as soon as 2025 and iv) ignores the pleas of Goldstar families whose loved ones were murdered by Iran and its proxies.

To add insult to injury Noronha warns that Malley is caving in to Iran's demands to eliminate sanctions on cold blooded terrorists and their funding, including individuals responsible for the deadly bombing of the AMIA Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires in which 85 were killed and hundreds injured and the 1983 Marine Beirut barracks bombings against U.S. and French armed forces on a peacekeeping mission that claimed 299 lives. This is yet another slap in the face to Iran's victims and their families.

Malley is compromising our cherished values and putting every American man, woman and child in grave danger.





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